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Genie Lamp Dabber

Empire Glassworks

  • $57.25

  • Empire Glassworks Dabber
  • American Glass
  • Clear Glass
  • Colored Glass
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  • Themed Glass
  • Thick Glass

product overview

EMPIRE GLASSWORKSgenie lamp dabber

If you wish to use your concentrates with an awesome accessory, it can be granted with the Genie Lamp Dabber. The spout of the lamp is pointed, so you can use this end as the dabber. However, there is also a handle o the opposing side of the spout. This handle makes it feel like you're pouring the concentrates into your nail. As you pick up the Genie Lamp Dabber by the handle, its weight naturally shifts forward. This perfectly sets up the angle of the dabber for placing your concentrates onto your nail. Sprinkled with orange and yellow accents, this dabber is like no other.

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