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Circ Perc Half Fab Egg Recycler


  • $136.25
  • Save $49

  • height:10inches

  • BONGX Recycler

  • Clear Glass

  • Dewar's Joint

  • Fab Egg

  • 90° Joint

  • Male Joint

  • 14mm Joint

  • Circ Perc

product description

Every smoker or vapor should invest in a recycler. Recyclers produce clean hits time after time. The Circ Perc Half Fab Egg Recycler is no different. Along with a recycler, there is a barrel circ perc to further filter your smoke. The design of the clear glass water pipe is half of the faberge egg design that is very eye catching. This version of the fab egg is simply just the bottom half with another chamber attached by separation tubes. This feature causes the recycling process. A bent neck and flared mouthpiece make your smoking or vaping experience more comfortable. This dab rig comes with a 14mm male joint that is supported by a Dewar's joint. It's up to you if you would like a bowl, dome and nail or both.