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Barrel Perc Vortex Recycler


  • $153.25
  • Save $55

  • height 9inches

  • BONGX Recycler

  • 3.5" Diameter Base

  • Angled Neck & Flared Mouthpiece

  • Barrel Perc

  • Choose Bowl, Dome And Nail, Or Both

  • Clear Glass

  • Scientific Glass Recycler

  • Vortex Spinning Effect

  • Bent Neck

  • Clear Glass

  • Dewar's Joint

  • 90° Joint

  • Male Joint

  • 14mm Joint

  • Flared Mouthpiece

  • Barrel Perc

  • Dual Use Recycler

  • Scientific Glass

product description

This scientific glass recycler has a unqiue design that enables incredible functionality. The main chamber of the recycler dab rig contains a barrel perc that provides amazing filtration and diffusion. Vapor travels from the 14mm male joint to the main chamber where it passes through the barrel percolator. From there, smoke and water travel through the seperation tubes to the cylinder-shaped recycing chamber located directly above the bottom section. The water and the vapor move in a loop, circling between the two chambers and passing through the barrel perc multiple times before exiting through the mouthpiece. The angled mouthpiece acts as a splashguard to stop any water from leaving the vapor rig. After you've hit this recycler, watch the water have a cool vortex effect as it funnels back down into the bottom chamber. Select the appropriate option above to use this glass water pipe for legal oils and concentrates (dome and nail), dry herbs and tobacco (female bowl), or both.