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All Quartz Beaker Vapor Rig


  • $42.25
  • Save $14

  • BONGX Dab Rig

  • 2" Diameter Base

  • Beaker Oil Rig

  • Bent Neck Mouthpiece

  • Built-In Domeless Quartz Nail

  • Clear Quartz Glass

  • Made Entirely Of High Quality Quartz

  • Scientific Glass

  • Beaker

  • Clear Glass

  • Flared Mouthpiece

product description

This scientific glass mini dab rig has a rare design that distinguishes it from other oil rigs. From the mouthpiece to the angle-cut domeless nail, this entire beaker vapor rig is crafted entirely from high quality quartz. The dab rig is unique due to its lack of a joint, as the bottom of the nail is a fixed downstem that goes into the beaker chamber. The bottom of this fixed downstem has slits for diffusing and filtering your vapor. The beaker concentrate pipe has a bent neck mouthpiece which acts as a splashguard to prevent water from getting in your mouth.