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13" Matrix Barrel Perc Bong


  • $157.25
  • Save $56

  • joint: 14mm female

  • BONGX Bong

  • Clear Glass

  • Donut Splashguard

  • 45° Joint

  • Female Joint

  • 14mm Joint

  • Flared Mouthpiece

  • Barrel Perc

  • Ufo Perc

  • Scientific Glass

product description

The 13" Matrix Barrel Perc Bong features a 2-in-1 perc in its center chamber. Shaped like a barrel perc, this variation has vertical and horizontal slits surrounding it for ultimate diffusion of your smoke. Between the size of this bong, the multiple chambers, and the splashguard, there is very little chance you will get any gross bong water when you are inhaling through the flared mouthpiece. This clear glass water pipe has an 18mm female joint which holds your 18mm to 14mm removable downstem. The downstem is diffused to add extra filtration to your smoke and has a place for your complimentary 14mm male deep bowl with maria ring. By the time your smoke reaches your mouthpiece, it is filtered numerous times for a tasty, clean hit.

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