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Pencil Dabber

Chameleon Glass

  • $40.25
  • Save $14

  • Chameleon Glass Dabber

  • 6.5" Length

  • American Glass

  • Chameleon Glass Dabber

  • Pencil Design

  • Pointed Tip

  • Thick Glass

  • American Glass

  • Colored Glass

  • Themed Glass    

product description

This pencil themed concentrate dabber by Chameleon Glass looks exactly like a number two pencil. It features beautiful yellow glass in the middle, swirled blue glass leading to the pink glass eraser, and black dichroic glass at the pencil's point. This unique dabber is sure to grab people's attention and make your dabbing experience even more fun. This dabber is made from thick borosilicate glass in Phoenix, Arizona.

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