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Crayola Dabber

Chameleon Glass

  • $44.25
  • Save $15

  • Chameleon Glass Dabber

  • 5" In Length

  • Crayola Themed Dabber

  • High Grade Borocilicate Glass

  • American Glass

  • Colored Glass

  • Themed Glass   

product description

Bring the dabbing experience back to grade school with this crayola dabber. This beautiful dab tool, made by Chameleon Glass, is made from high grade borosilicate glass. The Atom Crayon dabber has gone through a complex annealing process in which the glass was slowly cooled after being molded. This greatly strengthens the composition, and lengthens the lifetime of the dabber. This is unlike other standard dabbers, which do not relieve the internal stress caused by the manufacturing process.It also features a rounded tip to ensure that your concentrates get scooped up nice and easy!This dabber comes in a variety of colors: White Red Blue Black Yellow Green Colors are chosen at random.

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