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Black Granite Pipe

Chameleon Glass

  • $41.25

4 inches
  • Monkey O's Accessory
  • 2 Oz Monkey Juice
  • Instruction Guide Included
  • Monkey O Blower Included
  • Choice Of Color
  • Glow In The Dark

product overview

MONKEY O'Smonkey o kit

The Monkey O kit helps you blow the perfect smoke and vapor ring. Simply blow any kind of smoke through the skinnier end and control your breathing. You can actually make gentle monkey sounds to push the smoke out fluidly. The Monkey O kit comes with a Monkey O that you use to blow the actual bubbles and a 2 oz container of Monkey Juice. There is an easy walk-through guide that comes in the kit so you can learn how to blow your own bubbles and rings quickly. Monkey O's come in many colors as well as a glass option.

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