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America Glass Chillum

Chameleon Glass

  • $37.25
  • Save $13

  • Chameleon Glass Chillum

  • America Pipe

  • American Glass

  • Branded Tubing

  • Chameleon Glass Tobacco Bowl

  • Deep Bowl

  • Glass Chillum

  • Glass Smoking Pipe

  • Red, White, And Blue Colored Glass

  • Thick Glass

  • American Glass

  • Colored Glass

  • Deep Bowl

  • Themed Glass

  • Thick Glass       

product description

There's no better way to display your patriotism than by smoking out of our nation's colors. This American themed glass chillum features a red, white, and blue design. It has the signature blue flame Chameleon Glass removable sticker to verify its authenticity as an official Chameleon Glass pipe. Show you're proud to be an American with this chillum. This glass chillum is made using thick borosilicate glass in Arizona, USA.

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