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Dab Rigs, also known as concentrate pipes or oil rigs, are the best way to enjoy your legal essential oils in 2017. Many years ago, when dabbing first became a thing, you’d just slap a nail onto a huge water pipe and go to town. Times have changed and so have modern day dab rigs. Experienced dabbers have swapped out their huge bongs for dab rigs a third the size. Concentrates vaporize better with minimal “drag”, so you’ll notice narrow tubing and small chambers in a lot of our dab rigs. These small water chambers and tight passageways ensure that the vapor is transported quickly and easily to your lungs,  filtered just the right amount for perfect taste and consistency. Nonetheless, larger designs are becoming more and more popular in the concentrate scene. We’re seeing our favorite brands include smaller chambers and longer, narrower tubing in their larger bongs, so those of us who like big bongs as well as concentrates don’t get left behind with poor quality vapor. You’ll notice these features on designs like fab eggs and chandeliers. While they’re not technically small rigs, the actual vapor path is tight and constricted ensuring proper water filtration and maximum surface area contact of the vapor against the glass.

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