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Gotta Dab 'Em All Dish & Dabber Set

Empire Glassworks

  • $46.25

  • Empire Glassworks Dabber
  • Choice Of Style
  • American Glass
  • Colored Glass
  • Translation Missing: En.Features.Concentrate_accessory.Term
  • Themed Glass

product overview

EMPIRE GLASSWORKSmini narwhal dabber

It doesn't get more adorable than these Mini Narwhal Dabbers from Empire Glassworks. Both styles have a horn protruding from their foreheads. When not in use, the Mini Narwhal Dabber is able to lie flat on its stomach so you don't have to worry about the dabber burning your table or surface. The radioactive style has a neon yellow horn and white body while the cosmic narwhal dabber features more clear glass. Adopt one of these little guys today!

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