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This bongx 12V DC smoke pump is ideal for filling cars with smoke. It features automatic overcharge cut-off for safety protection. This electric DC smoke pump comes with 1 interconnecting nozzle to fit a glass adapter and bowl. Simply plug the 12V DC power adapter into the automobile cigarettes lighter for vehicle charging. The package comes with 1 interconnecting nozzle to fit 1 glass adapter and 1 2g glass bowl. The cord length extends to 102 inches for convenience.

bongx 12V Quick-Fill DC Electric Pump, 21.2CFM Max. smoke Flow


  • Features sleek and aerodynamic design that fits in the palm of your hand

  • 1x plastic nozzle

  • 1x glass adapter female to female

  • 1x male glass bowl

  • Simply plug automobile cigarette lighter for vehicle charging

  • Cord length 102 inches


Hotboxing is a favorite stoner pastime, and for those who are unfamiliar with the event, it is the act of smoking up a very small, air-tight space. Most people will hotbox a car. 

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