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8" water pipe offer 420


  • $50.25
  • Save $33

  • Height: 8 inches

  • Bongx Bong

  • Beaker Base

  • Clear Glass

  • Great Budget Water Pipe

  • Rubbet Grommet For Air Tight Seal

  • Thick Scientific Glass

  • Beaker

  • Clear Glass

  • Deep Bowl

  • Flared Mouthpiece

  • Fixed Downstem

  • Scientific Glass

  • Thick Glass

  • Rubber Grommet  

product description

This beaker base water pipe is made from clear scientific glass in Los Angeles, California. Includes a glass slide with rubber grommet for an air tight seal.


 1X 4” glass hand pipe 

This 4" hand pipe is infused with a beautiful array of colored glass called frit. The thick glass layer accentuates the color frit and makes this both functional and aesthetically appealing. Crafted with affordability in mind, this hand pipe is colorful and is great for home or travel. Comes in assorted colors, Colors are chosen at random.

  • Length: 4" inches
  • Material: Borosilicate Glass
  • Style: Frit
  • Type: Spoon Hand Pipe
  • Color: Colorful Assorted Frit

 1X  extra 3" slide glass bowl 

These replacement slides come in various colors and have a pinched handle. They are about 3" in total length with 2" from the rubber grommet ring to the bottom of the slide. Colors are chosen at random.

  •  size: 3 inches

 1X l-tal hemp wick large 16.5 ft 

The Original I-Tal Hemp Wick is a wonderful, clean burning flame source for all smoking enthusiasts. Made of 100% natural, raw, HEMP twine saturated and cured in 100%, highly refined beeswax, I-Tal Hemp Wick contains no fillers, chemicals or impurities. It burns hot and it burns clean, and contains no butane flavors or toxic sulfurs, making for a healthier and tastier smoking experience.

  •  size: 16.5 ft

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